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Andrea Barra


Andrea has a passion for education and lifelong learning. Seeing firsthand how vital a joyous, supportive environment is for building this foundation, she enthusiastically followed her life path toward founding a Montessori school built upon these tenets. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology and Sociology from Stonehill College, a natural fit with education and the Montessori philosophy, as the development of each child benefits greatly from careful observation and thoughtful instruction. She holds Lower Elementary and Upper Elementary Montessori Credentials and is MACTE certified.

Her first career as a furniture maker in Mid-Coast Maine utilized calm and patience, attention to detail, and appreciation for the exquisite details of our surroundings. Andrea loves to unite creativity with learning and brings elements of woodworking into the classroom when possible, such as through marquetry, soap carving, and tool use. Knitting, crochet, and fiber art are other hobbies of hers that she loves to introduce in school. When not making or learning something new, she is finding ways to bring it into the classroom. She enjoys spending time with her sons and family, and being outside as much as possible in their garden.

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